My Friend Told Me About the Best Recurve Bows and Now I’m Kind of a Bowhunter

There are so many different makes and models of recurve bows out there and the task of finding the best recurve bow for you or a loved one, is quite difficult that you would probably like to get over with the whole procedure so that you can enjoy the fun that comes with the recurve bow.

Here is an extensive summary that will simplify the search for you to find the best bow that will satisfy your particular needs.

The Case of a Tight Budget


The best recurve bow for this case is the Martin Jaguar bow. This bow is economical for anyone who loves archery but only has some budget for it, who would like to shoot a short traditional bow while keeping spending at its lowest.

This bow is very cheap but is of high quality. It’s simple yet elegant with a minimal number of parts that reduce its chances to break, making it very durable. This bow is available in a wide range of draw weights that make it suitable for use by both advanced archers and beginners. As mentioned, the bow has a few parts thus it’s easy to construct, transport, and store. It is also quick to upgrade without necessarily having to purchase a new one.

The Case of a Little Higher Spending.


The best recurve bow for this case is this: the Martin Saber. It is a classic bow that has a length of sixty four inches and weighs up to fifty five pounds. This bow is an excellent instrument for target practice as well as game hunting. Due to its length, the bow is suitable for open terrains.

The Martin Saber has a riser which has this awesome technology — the Vibration Vortex which reduces noise and vibrations that the bow generates when shooting. Like much more expensive bow models, the Martin Saber bow also provides archers with better grip (V grip) that further reduces the equipment vibration making it extremely comfortable to shoot.

In addition, the equipment has excellent limbs that don’t break, bend or even splinter with frequent use. This has made them the best recurve bow in their price range. The bow will last a life time if treated right.

The Best Recurve Bows under Mid-Price range

Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow is the best bow for this case. Has a length of fifty eight inches and a maximum draw weight of sixty pound, making it amazingly versatile. It is suitable for use in any environment; 3D shooting, forest and open-field shooting, both outdoor and indoor target practice.

The recurve bow has satin gloss coating on its entire surface that makes it resistant to humidity and scratching. This is very important during hunting. Its shelf has bear hair cushioning providing it with perfect arrow stability.

This bow has its limbs and riser made from the oh-so-durable materials that are compatible with a different kinds of strings. The bow comes with expensive strings that probably won’t need replacement for years and years to come. The Bear Grizzly is highly recommended for hunting predators like lions and bears.

The Case of the High-End Bow


The best recurve bow for this category is the Super Kodiak. It is the best bow if money isn’t tight and if you want something unique. Has a maximum draw weight of sixty pounds and sixty inches in length, shelf covered with bear hair.

This bow is stable, well-balanced and perfect for all kinds of hunting and target practice.

The Case of the Best Value Bow

The best recurve bow for this case is the PSE Blackhawk Bow. This is a one-piece equipment with high stability and exceptional durability. Available in a range of draw weights, are strong and durable. It has a simple design that makes it particularly suitable for beginner archers.

When mastering your instinctive shooting skills and during target practice the most excellent version for you is the 35 version.

The Best Bow For Youth and Women

The best recurve bow for this case is the PSE Razorback bow.

Has low draw weight versions with small frames suitable for youth and women. Comes with models for both right and left-handed archers and is the most appropriate for both outdoors and indoors target practice. Razorback bow is very easy to transport, store and very durable.

It is important to note that this recurve bow is relatively long and might not be the best choice for short teens.

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