How to Take Great iPhone Pics

The iPhone is a suitable device for photo lovers. Its software and hardware are user-friendly; you can be sure your grandmother can use it too. Like any other camera, it has some limitations; however, it can still be efficient if used in a smart way. The following are ten best tips to help you capture the best moments of your life using your iPhone.

Use the camera shortcut

You can quickly swipe up on the iPhone camera shortcut, then take the photo within seconds. Similarly, you can use the shortcut while on your Home screen or in an app. You can do that by swiping up the screen to unveil control center, and then tap on the camera button.

Experiment using third-party camera applications

It is recommendable to download some available third-party manual camera apps if you are not in a hurry to take photos. Check out some Apple’s bunch of controls such as ISO, exposure, shutter speed, and white balance. As such, you can often take clearer photos than those shot using default camera apps.

Your shooting mode determines the end results

Apple has default camera application with various modes of taking photos. They include the photo, panorama, and square modes. Although it seems like an obvious instruction, shooting in the mode you want to publish for is important in taking excellent pictures to post to Instagram. For example, you shoot in square mode instead of photo mode, then crop the image afterward when posting to Instagram. That way you can frame your picture instead of inventing new framing after-the-fact.


Follow the grid options

Every iPhone has a grid option used in lining up photos to ensure they follow the rule of thirds. Visit Settings, then Photos &Camera and enable the Grid switch to turn on this option.

Shut down the Flash

Shoot using the natural lighting sources; however, when shooting at night, the camera application’s slider will help boost the light in the photo. Alternatively, Photojojo’s Pocket Spotlight would come in handy.

For action photos, use Burst mode

Only available for iPhone 5s and up, the Burst mode might be the best option for capturing excellent photos. Although Apple has burst mode to capture clear images of moving objects, it works well when you use a moving camera. You are likely to capture clear photos and have more options to choose from by taking photos in quick succession.


To lock focus, hold down a spot on your viewfinder

It can be useful to lock your focus point when shooting macro photography or when preventing your iPhone’s camera from capturing a different subject in the frame. Tap and hold the subject in question until you see the yellow AE/AF to lock your focus.

Use the volume button to snap photo

iPhone’s digital shutter button causes camera shake up and blurring of photos since iPhone devices are thin. Alternatively, use the volume up button to take photos in the camera app and avoid camera shake.